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There are no better ways to spend weeknights other than watching the best television series like Supernatural, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, How I Met Your Mother (for a hysterical laugh) and so much more. However, they are all in season breaks, which kinda really sucks because it feels like I am losing air and all that crap. But then, I remembered, hey, maybe it’s villain time again. And what better way can you break the ice than to watch tons of porn media, right? And what better site is there than the one and only champion of the porn industry so-called Reality Kings!

I’m the kind of person who is very meticulous in everything that I take. May it be by the mouth or by the eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t suck cocks! But you get my point. But what’s the point of this point? It’s all about Reality Kings and I would like to tell you guys from the bottom of my heart (and I swear by my penis) that RealityKings is the best site ever. Well, that is if you want something really vivid for porn. It is perhaps the best in its classification (and by my standards.)

The Features

The things you see on the surface will never amount to the kind of things you will see before you once you gain full access to the site. Everything becomes more intense and seemingly real like you feel like you are the guy being pleased by the busty women with her ass and tits. Anyways, the site has over 7700 videos to date. Picture sets? Well, let’s just say there are over 7700 SETS! Every set has like 50 images, so multiply that to 7700. What do you get? I hate math, so you do the math. But it doesn’t matter. Just enjoy the porn by Reality Kings.


There are three options you can choose from. First would be the monthly subscription for 17.95 dollars, then the 3-month option for 49.95 dollars and then a 3-day trial for only 2.95 in case you have trust issues even for the best stuff in the universe, like Reality Kings. With the videos and images all downloadable, the little amount of money totally goes a big way.