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I remember when I was a youngster, which was admittedly many moons ago, watching a hot chick that lived across the road from me. Most of my day was spent waiting for her to come home after college. She would saunter up the stairs to her front door, mostly with a tight Lycra mini on and lazily open the front door.

The mini was so figure hugging I could see the lines of her butt cheeks, the sheen of light as it bounced off her rounded bottom and the hour glass shape of her body as her dresses clung to her. I could even see the sweet between her butt crack if I used my telescope.

Weekends were the best, she would either be washing the car with a tight white shirt and hose, or lying on the grass in a bikini. This led to many hours of solo masturbation under the bed clothes or secretly at the window. Okay, I know that this is too much information, but perhaps you can relate?

The whole deal was so hot, but also highly frustrating. I longed for a peak at her nipples, her hot wet pussy and ass crack. Of course it never happened. All I got to see was her body pass the upstairs window a few times, but then it was mostly hidden by a flimsy curtain.

At Met Art, You Get To See It All

This is the feeling you get when you look at ‘Met Art’. Except things are different here. Here, you get to see these girls posing for you, slowly revealing all that you need to see, then on top of it, slowly caressing their pussy and tits in front of you until they find release. This site I reckon was made specially for me, in order to make up for the many years of frustration and jerking off I was forced to endure.

There are 1,500+ picture sets to look at, nearly 300 movies and regular updates of these dream girls. The content is highly unique and even if you did not endure what I had to endure all those years, I am sure you know that feeling in some way?

The goodies are down loadable on various formats including, MPEG at 640×480, MP4 1280X720 and windows streaming.

Met Art is easy to navigate and when you do look at it, you see tons of dream girls the ones you could not have, all laid out for you to choose from. They are shot in mini skirts, like my neighbor wore, bikinis, teddies, latex, panties, one piece swim suits, stockings, boots and super micro-minis. I don’t think they have left out anything, trust me, I have been there!