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FTVGirls is an interesting site on the web that stands for First Time Video girls, meaning that all of these women have never been filmed before or have never been filmed before doing what they are doing. The first thing that you are going to notice is that the site says that it has the most beautiful women on the web today. They may just be right since they do not have all of the highly made up women that you tend to see on websites. These women are all natural and they all have something interesting to show you when they are in front of the camera.

FTVGirls has a tried and true web layout. You will find all of the latest videos on the top, and all of the highest rated content beneath that. Another great part about this site is that they have a huge photography section to complement their large video section. At the very last count the site had somewhere between seven hundred and eight hundred different videos for you to browse through and find your perfect niche. When it comes to the photography section, they have well over two thousand different pictures that you will have access to when you become a member of their site.

Another great aspect about this site is that they have updates every week, which means that you will have at least three new videos per week to count on when you join FTVGirls. This site has been around for twelve years and shows no signs of slowing down. So if you want to join the site, all you have to do is pick a membership package. The monthly fee for the membership is only $24.99, which is more than usual for an amateur site.

All things considered, this site is average, and you should consider seeing this site if you are looking for something different.