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Dare Dorm is all about college and university students who like partying and fucking. For those who are in these institutions, you know what real partying means especially to those who live in apartments. This site exposes what happens in the rooms. Horny students interact and fuck around from one room to another.

The Dare Dorm website is a real college students’ affair that have teamed up to have sexual affairs in recorded platforms. You will find all types of videos; two, gang or even three-some, crazy assholes, squirts, cum shots and even live anal films. The students go into fucking action and record it. They then submit their high quality film to the website, which in return awards good cash prize of $1,000 to the best video. The site is updated every two weeks, therefore whether the scenes are real or acted, they can’t crank them out that fast. Now that the winner’s prize is only 10%, it has nothing to do with staged videos.

By now, there are more than 103 videos and the site has already handed out a prize of $10,000 to some sex-crazy students who live in Texas. The uploaded movies are about 50 minutes watch time each. This is absolutely great work! Unfortunately the videos are available for stream only, which is a disadvantage to the site’s audience. On a screen, they are high quality with a “HD” playback option. But it is not all viewers who are impressed by the quality.

The interactions of the students in the movies make it seem real. They are young and good looking just like real college students. It is really amazing to see how hot and interactive the fucking youths are.

Dare Dorm has been criticized to have slow updates and lack of downloading options. However, the site give users additional bonus movie-watch at Muffia. It is fair if we rate the site as average and recommend that it has time to improve its services. If only they follow the reviews and comments from their audience, they will make much more progress.

The expected corrections will make it look more real and more visitors will flow to the site. Not to get paid but to watch the type of fun other fellow collage mates are doing and may join them.