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If you have always had a penchant for girls on girls having sex together, then it is most likely that you have gone through ALS Scan in the past. If you have been quite busy for the past few months and haven’t had the time to really enjoy the porn sites you always did back in the days, and that you just now got a chance to start over again granted you are reading this, you should really know that has recently updated its database and that it has finally added guy and girl material. So for all of you, you and your friends, who have waited for the time for it to come, it finally has. ALS Scan is a much better site now for all of you fans. 

A Newer Look of ALS Scan

If you’re thinking that maybe they have finally given the definition of ALSScan, I’m really sorry to disappoint you by having to say no, the definition still does not exist. But who cares about that? The aesthetic appeal of the site has become more compelling than it was before. The numbers are wonderfully festooning the site from its home page and the advance search option now branches out to different filtering options, from the length of time to the kind of genre or to pretty much any variation with the videos. 

What to Expect from the NEW ALS Scan

First of all, there’s a massive update of videos. This time, it’s guys on girls, not just girls on girls anymore. They also feature casting videos for their new hirees and give out bonus materials on a weekly basis. There are over 1667 videos, which means that massive addition is over 600 granted it was only 1,040 the last time I checked which was a couple months ago when it was not even updated a bit. But yeah, you get all of those now. Subscription is only $9.95, so you wouldn’t want to miss it. Enjoy!